The most common race of the world is the Dragonborn, a people with resemblance to the twelve varieties of Chromatic Dragon and, by extent, The Twelve Dragons. Each dragonborn possesses abilities similar to the dragons they serve, as well as an elemental breath weapon of a fixed variety. Young dragonborn are trained to use spitters from an early age, as many dragonborn parents send their teenaged offspring to serve their nation’s military.

Phisically, all dragonborn look alike, with a flat, rounded snout, pierced-pupil eyes and long tendrils growing out of their heads. However, each dragonborn variety has slightly-different physical characteristics that help to set them apart from each other:

Red Dragonborn have twin-pointed ears which curve upwards, as well as a small horn on their nose and thick, bony eyebrows.
Blue Dragonborn have a thick, bony callus on the top of their snout just between the nostrils, as well as a slight overbite.
Black Dragonborn have two curled horns on their foreheads, as well as two short, scale-covered horns on their chin.
Green Dragonborn have a small, flexible barb on the tip of their snout which folds backwards, as well as long eye-teeth which rest over their bottom lip when their mouth is closed.
White Dragonborn have two rows of fin-like flaps which frame either side of their face, as well as two hard nodules on their forehead.
Purple Dragonborn have a horned mantle on the top of their head which sweeps backward across their tendrils, as well as their snout coming to a blunt point.
Brown Dragonborn have a pair of winglike flaps on their forehead, as well as large ear-flaps.
Gray Dragonborn have a multitude of sharp points on their chin forming a pseudo-beard, as well as two pairs of straight horns on their forehead.
Orange Dragonborn have thick, overlapping scales on their face, as well as an enlarged snout.
Cyan Dragonborn have two long, feathery tendrils growing from their forehead, as well as a nodule on each cheek.
Yellow Dragonborn have a pair of tendrils growing from their upper lip, as well as a slight underbite and short snout.
Magenta Dragonborn have two rounded ears with a slight dip in the middle of each, as well as a slightly-rectangular snout-tip.

Some consider the two varieties of Metallic Dragonborn of Atonus to be anomalies, often paying no attention to their affairs no matter how ruthless they may be.


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