Atonus…born from Io…a world of conflict…this is how many see the rivalry between the Twelve Dragon Empires of the world. There have been more attempts at the Charirans trying to seize control of Aussir than there has been hot dinners on a Halfling table, more attempts at the Vuthans trying to melt the trees of Achuak in acid than strong ale has touched dwarven lips. While this has been true for countless centuries, for the most part the various nations have maintained a tenuous relationship with one another – though the Blue Dragons of Ulhar have a long-standing bitterness with the Purple Dragons of Sililos, they have few qualms with the neighbouring nation of Yrev.

Those who dwell in lands outside the grasp of the empires are comprised mostly of the other Races of the world. Humans, Dwarves and the three branches of elvenkind share their lands with Half-Elves, Halflings, Half-Orcs and Gnomes, along with Dragonborn who have defected from the empires they once called home. The Dragon Senates, homes of the two Metallic Dragon varieties, are at peace with one another, as they opt to resolve disputes through politics rather than bloodshed. Some see these senates as much better than the empires, since they never maintain a semblance of conflict which the world seems to exude. The world is never truly at peace…will the dissident ever reach a conclusion?


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